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Dyno Chart, Graph, Engine Performance Chart & Power Graph

One of the key pieces of information when performing tuning is obtaining your engine performance chart or dyno graph. It’s impossible to efficiently tune a highly modified vehicle for optimum performance without your car’s specific dyno graph. After studying its engine power graph you can code the right custom tunes for your engine.

Whether tuning a 408 Dakota with SCT or tuning your Challenger , Charger , or Jeep with Diablo I can work with your dyno operator over email to dial in your truck or car.

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2004 392 Hemi Ram
SCT - 230/230 Cam

2001 5.9 Dakota
SCT - 210 Cam/Eddy heads

2004 3.7 Ram
SCT vs Stock

2004 Viper Ram


2007 Hemi Ram
Diablo - 210x Cam/CAI

1998 5.9 Jeep
SCT - 210/220 Cam, M1
CAI, 1.7 Rockers, TB, Headers
HO Cams and Intake, 68mm tb
165 HP stock

2005 Hemi Ram
Diablo - 6 psi SC

2005 Hemi Ram
Diablo - 268 Cam

1999 408 Dakota
SCT Tuned
224/236 cam

1997 5.2 Jeep GC
SCT Tuned
210/220 cam, CAI

1998 5.9 Dakota
SCT Tuned
CAI 222/228 cam, M1, stock heads

2011 Hemi Ram
Diablo Tuned
3000 converter CAI, TB, Exhaust