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Without you my truck would not be running anywhere near as fast as you've got it. You've stuck with me through two cam swaps, heads, to getting my tcm tuned so great I can't believe it. You've helped me through more then any tuner should ever have to lol. Thanks so much man! T. Ellison

Thanks for all the help getting my truck running smooth and strong. Its good to know that there's still some Patriotic families that are happy to help our Country's deployed soldiers. J. Leigh

Thanks again for the awesome TCM file. 1/2 second faster in this beast is amazing. W. Slok

My truck in the tow mode was awesome. Not only were the shift points perfect, I had to run up an extremely steep grade and was able to run it at 55 mph. On a 250 mile trip I went over three mountain passes and pulled 10.2 miles per gallon. Heck, I couldn't get 10.2 unloaded until I got the programmer. On my trip my truck got 13.3 mpg empty on the 89 octane setting. D. Yackley

Hey Sean the tune turned this truck into a little monster. J Graziano '98 Dakota

Skills you have, Jedi tuner you have become. E Tucker