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Dodge SCT and Jeep & Chrysler Tuners

Performance software has grown leaps and bounds since the days of performance chips and the Dodge SCT tuning you find here will take your car or truck to a completely different level than ever before. One of our Jeep or Chrysler tuners will exponentially increase your torque and horsepower and turn your vehicle into a high powered machine capable of hauling weight and reaching speeds you wouldn’t have though possible. As long as your Dodge, Jeep or Chrysler a model from 1996-2006, we can confidently say our DCX tuning capabilities are the most advanced in the market. One of our favorite aspects in this new breed of Jeep programming is the ability to offer ongoing software updates for future modifications. For example, you can purchase preloaded basic tunes with a Jeep ECM for stock or bolt on modifications and upgrade later with a custom Dodge SCT tuner. This is a huge time and money saving advantage compared to the superchips of the past. You can purchase the latest software tuning updates for your Chrysler tuner remotely, from any continent without ever having to re-install another chip.

Hemifever Tuning has over 10 years of experience tuning vehicles with the specialized Dodge SCT and we can assure your there are numerous benefits to having a professional tune your engine with a Jeep programmer. A few notable areas of improvement you can expect with one of our Chrysler or Jeep tuners are increasing your speed limiter, changing the timing and fuel curve and reducing or removing torque management. In layman terms that means a faster car that hauls more weight and saves more gas than ever before. We even offer Jeep race tuners that can turn your vehicle into a bona fide race car. Some models we specialize in are Dodge Dakotas, Dodge Rams, Dodge Challengers and Jeep Cherokees but we can improve the performance on any vehicles made by Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep from 1996-2006. If you have a vehicle from a different manufacturer we recommend taking a look at the Diablo inTune that’s compatible with any vehicle regardless of make, model or year.

As an added bonus we offer free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States but have served customers in all seven continents. If you’re interested in improving your engine performance with our Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep tuning we encourage you to contact us at and verify your vehicle’s compatibility.